FreeNAS / FreeBSD Book recommendations

Hi Gang,

I’m getting to grips with FreeNAS but would like to improve my understanding and command line skills.

Can anyone recommend any really good books on this?

Many thanks


While it has nothing to do with FreeNAS (or maybe I should get used to typing TrueNAS Core), Michael W. Lucas’s “Absolute FreeBSD” could be safely considered the bible of FreeBSD beyond the FreeBSD Handbook. Third Edition of “Absolute FreeBSD” was released not long ago and, while very dated now, I have the 2nd Edition and it was what it claimed to be. While I’m certainly no FreeBSD expert as I tend to do almost all of my work on Linux servers, I have found all of Lucas’s books to be very readable. He has also written more about FreeBSD in his “Mastery” series, including one about BSD Jails. Hope this helps!

Thank you Casey, I’ll look that up on Amazon.