FreeNAS Crashing with Syncthing

Hi all

I am having an issue where FreeNAS becomes completely unresponsive.

But only when Syncthing is running in a Jail. There doesn’t seem to be any clues as to why its happening - the only way to recoveries to pull the power on the server and boot it back up and stop the jail from running.

CPU & Memory doesn’t seem to get pinned though I am not watching the system when this happens.

Anyone else had this or a similar issue?


Anyone any ideas?

It’s still happening. Cant see much in the logs either.

Seems FreeNAS is running out of RAM

Is there a way limit the resources on the jail I have Syncthing running in?


Im having this same issue, did you make it work ?
Im trying to sync a folder from my unraid main server to my freenas backup server

On Freenas
I tested 2 diferent folders to sync (100gb and 300gb)
I tested 2 diferent micro-mother-memo sets
I tested 4 diferent HDD configs (4x1tb ZFS - 3x500gb ZFS - Single 2TB - Single 500GB)
I tested onboard LAN and pci-e LAN
I tested IX-syncthing-plugin and a blank jail installing syncthing folowing toms video
All this combinations ended up in freenas machine crashing

Also tested:
Same Machine with Unraid syncthing worked OK
Same folder with my gaming windows pc using synctrazor worked OK

I have no more ideas to test, any sugestion?

I think you might get more traction on the IXsystems forums. It could possibly be a bug.


I finaly got it working, i just needed to disable “Watch for changes” , I also enabled “ignore permisions”

I can nowd start backing up my main server