FreeNAS Crashing with Syncthing

Hi all

I am having an issue where FreeNAS becomes completely unresponsive.

But only when Syncthing is running in a Jail. There doesn’t seem to be any clues as to why its happening - the only way to recoveries to pull the power on the server and boot it back up and stop the jail from running.

CPU & Memory doesn’t seem to get pinned though I am not watching the system when this happens.

Anyone else had this or a similar issue?


Anyone any ideas?

It’s still happening. Cant see much in the logs either.

Seems FreeNAS is running out of RAM

Is there a way limit the resources on the jail I have Syncthing running in?


Im having this same issue, did you make it work ?
Im trying to sync a folder from my unraid main server to my freenas backup server

On Freenas
I tested 2 diferent folders to sync (100gb and 300gb)
I tested 2 diferent micro-mother-memo sets
I tested 4 diferent HDD configs (4x1tb ZFS - 3x500gb ZFS - Single 2TB - Single 500GB)
I tested onboard LAN and pci-e LAN
I tested IX-syncthing-plugin and a blank jail installing syncthing folowing toms video
All this combinations ended up in freenas machine crashing

Also tested:
Same Machine with Unraid syncthing worked OK
Same folder with my gaming windows pc using synctrazor worked OK

I have no more ideas to test, any sugestion?

I think you might get more traction on the IXsystems forums. It could possibly be a bug.


I finaly got it working, i just needed to disable “Watch for changes” , I also enabled “ignore permisions”

I can nowd start backing up my main server


I created an account just to let you, and other people having this similar issue, know that this worked.

I have a windows main server and was using another system with truenas as a backup server and it just kept freezing whilst scanning my main drive backup folder over and over at about 450GB into the backup, which makes no sense because it backed up a 900GB drive just fine.

Doing your method FINALLY lets it to backup smoothly after changing the setting on my Truenas synthing GUI and rebooting the system. So much headache, I was almost debating just using another plugin but that’s almost 2TB worth of data to backup again…