FreeNAS connection to Laptop

I have a FreeNAS that I got from my brother. I am trying to see what was saved on it. I plugged a monitor and keyboard and I am on the console setup. The web interface address says http:\ I used an Ethernet cable and plugged it up to my laptop. I set the IP address in the web browser on my laptop as the one that was in the box of the FreeNas from my brother’s house. It was 10.X.X.X. However, the FreeNAS does not come up on my web browser. How can I see the FreeNAS on my web browser? Also, do I need to change the ipv4 to the 10.X.X.X static is address in network configuration on the FreeNAS?

While you could set a static IP on the FreeNAS device it would be easier to plug it in to your network have it get an IP then browse to that IP.