FreeNAS 11.3 Windows SMB Folders Previous Versions

I’ve been running FreeNAS for a little while now. Love that it just works. I had seen a video that showed that we could turn on folder Previous Versions for the SMB shares in 11.3. I have tryed to get them to turn on by going to the share and turning on shadow copies. I did that and have not been able to see any previous versions of a folder that i made changes to.

Do i need to delete the share and recreate it? or do i need to save all my stuff to another pool and recreate the pool?

Please Help I need to get this working before the kids start up “School” again so their work isn’t lost again when someone deletes the wrong thing. Many of tears were shed that night.

If i need to do the second i’ll probably wait till TrueNAS 12.0 stable is released and do that before the upgrade.

The shadow copies are based on the snapshots.

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Ok thank you i’ll have to look at this tonight when i get home.

The Periodic Snapshot Task was what i was missing. The directions seem to be a little outdated as to where things are. But i was able to get it to work.

Other than taking a snapshot every minute is there a way to set it that it would take a snapshot only when there was a change?