Freenas 11.3-u5 web GUI not responding to some selections

OK, so I’m having some AD-Freenas integration issues after recent MS updates, and in trying to fix things I’m running my backup freenas up through the versions to see what breaks. I’m at 11.3-u5 and when I click on things like Storage → Pools nothing happens. Same for several other menu choices (volumes, disks, shares) so I can’t even check permissions on the vdev’s or on the shares. I thought there was a fix for this, but not having luck with my search terms and hoping someone might be able to help.

Also not receiving any errors when I resync the AD, so not entirely certain what is going on yet. Problems just started this week after updates to the AD servers. AD running on 2016 and 2019 that are both fully patched.

Not a problem I have encountered, try posting in the FreeNAS forums TrueNAS Community

And today it works. Nothing changed but the weekend, must have been tired from sitting idle most of the time.

I may see what kind of trouble I can get into and update to Truenas 12, it is a backup machine after all. I’ll probably try the one on my lab first though.