FreeNAS 11.3 How to reset snapshots and replication to start from scratch

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I have been playing with FreeNAS snapshots and replication and kind of got them running but wasn’t completely sure I had it running right. I watched your recent 11.3 video and realised I had set them up wrong (d’oh explains the excess of snapshots). OK so I want to start fresh and use the way you show in the video.

Is there anyway to reset the snapshot flag (?) so I can restart the replication/s again from scratch?

Couple of associated questions;

  1. Do I need or is it advisable to have a SSH connection per replication task? Why do I ask? I may have some replications which may end up running simultaneously or one that runs long and into the next scheduled replication task.

  2. The primary server has two purposes. One to be a media server, music, movies, pictures etc and the other to be a regular file store. Currently I have one pool and with a data set for each user and one public dataset which holds all the shared media in subfolders under a shared “Media” folder. As the individual media folders are getting bigger am I better changing to datasets per media type, Pictures, Movies, Music etc to make the replications more granular and so more flexible if I need to rollback?

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You can delete the old snapshots that are not using or don’t need. As I also pointed out that you can choose the “Replicate from scratch if incremental is not possible” under the replication task. One SSH connection/pairing is all you need, that is just to get the keys setup, you can have multiple SSH streams. If you want more granular control, build more datasets, that is more of a design preference.

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Thank you I’ll do that