FreeNAS 11.3 ... desperate to fix SUPER SLOW transfer over 10GbE

I’m beyond exasperated.
I want to pay for assistance via remote access to assess the problem.
I truly cannot! afford the time this has taken. I need a solution, not an education.

I’d like to give teamviewer access to a computer to use as a proxy to inspect the unit.

I can’t spend another YEAR figuring out why 40Mb - 150Mb/s over 8x 7200 rpm HGST drives on a Quad Xeon v3 with 48GB of RAM over SFP+

I can’t afford to spend an indefinite period of time to acquire information. I need to deploy this – and it’s already taken MONTHS. Literally… which included waiting for multiple iterations of FreeNAS to finally get a version which works.

I suspect it’ll take a proficient person ~10 min to ID whatever I’ve overlooked.

Please, please, will someone please charge me an affordable price to audit the unit?

Thank you

What model of disks are you using?

What model of server?

How are the disks configured? A single pool? Mulitple pools?

I had a similar issue with my LAN only pulling 160MBps over the 10G link. I changed the MTU values on the network interface (network > interface > select whichever is your active interface > edit). Change it to 1500 and see if that does it. If not you can try the 9000.

Also, make sure you network card in your local system is actually connecting at 10G as well. I noticed mine was connecting at 5G on a 10G Aquantica card.

Sorry to both of you for the delay … I’d started giving up hope. Today I received my ‘summary email’ from Lawrence Systems and just saw these:

Howdy Spice:
IBM HGST 7200 RPM 10TB SAS drives
Dell PowerEdge T320
Configured as a single RAIDZ-2 Pool that’s 60TB (2 parity drives).

Cool. I’ll give changing the MTU a try.
It shows a 10GbE connection…

I’d really love to have someone charge me to help me. This has gone on for SOOO long. :’( Any money saved has long since been wasted in time.

I really need to do this for mine and another for a friends computer… and before I worry about figuring out what I can do to unfuck my friends (slower hardware) I want to get mine doing faster throughput.

Thanks; I’ll report back to both of you ASAP.

Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can always hire LTS. They have their fees on their site and you can ask for a quote.