FreeNas 11.2-U3 with Google Drive Sync access expiring?

Hi all,
Maybe Tom can tackle this in a video since he made one, just not using Google Drive…

I can’t seem to get FreeNas to work with Cloud Sync using Google Drive as task. I can get the Oauth Token working, and get the Task (rclone) manually started and working, but later when automated you get an error about Invalid Credentials (the token expiring?).

There is a FreeNas Forum topic by someone else with the same issue:

rclone has a guide : , but it doesn’t seem to match up with the developer screen I had (or because I can’t follow written instruction well).

I used this guide and just the last screenshot you copy the whole {…} section and paste it into the access token.

I did check the box to auto-refresh the token, but it shouldn’t matter as the note says:

The OAuth Playground will automatically revoke refresh tokens after 24h. You can avoid this by specifying your own application OAuth credentials using the Configuration panel.

Which the guide has me do. If it helps anyone here is the error from the auto job:
2019/05/01 03:00:00 ERROR : : error reading destination directory: couldn’t list directory: googleapi: Error 401: Invalid Credentials, authError

Hopefully more people here at actively messing with their Boxes and Labs. While not critical I get this working, it was an “offsite” backup idea I wanted to have working…especially since it appears FreeNas supports it.

FYI: I am totally new to FreeNas, so maybe I have something totally wrong!

Not 100% sure how to set up it myself as I don’t use freenas. But ive being experimenting with the rclone version myself. And ive got it set up pretty easy with the access token. WIth a quick google search i came across this article on the Freenas website about the access tokens. WIthout booting up a freenas setup im unable to confirm its working. But worth having a look if you haven’t already.