Freenas 11.2 to Truenas 12.0 gone wrong?

i did update my freenas to latest 12.0 stable. used manual update. the update did take and it is up and running but it still say freenas and i can´t search for more updates. what did i do wrong?
and yeah, i cant navigate in the GUI menue other than to dashboard and the system tab. rest of them nothing happens when trying to press.

ok, this is just wierd, i did try everything, could not downgrade, use the shell localy to fetch updates or annything, then i dot know why but i did start clicking arround and did sea “Switch to legacy interface” well why not, did press that and TrueNas design and login page come up.
Now i can use everything and it is TrueNas. fully updated. soooo i guess i have no problem but a wierd bug i must say