Freenas 10G Nic recommendations

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I want to add a 10G nic to my freenas box. Before I go spend money I was wondering if the forum had any recommendations. Also I do not want to spend a fortune. I am looking to spend around $100, where $200 and wife will notice.
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Just needs an sfp+ for the connection type you want. I have 3 of these working in my two of my servers, one is aggregated with LACP.

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It is pretty hard to go wrong with Intel or Chelsio nics. If you already have 10G switching use whichever interface your switching supports. If you plan on direct connecting then T-based should come out overall cheaper that SPF+. If you go T-Based I recommend CAT6a over CAT6. While CAT6 is rating for 10G over short distances I have personally found CAT6a to be more reliable.

The price of short optical cables isn’t very high, so I don’t see a lot of cost saving. The SFP+ for multimode SR optical are actually very cheap on the used market, cheaper than the twisted pair modules by a fairly large amount.

The last modules I bought were supposed to be Cisco approved multimode SR for only like $7usd each. I bought a couple of 1 meter OM4 cables for another around $9usd “each” (really pair with LC connector).

Here are two links: this shipped really fast and I had them in a couple of days I think I got these in a day, they are fairly near me.

For complete transparency, I have not tried either of these products yet. I’d need to drag my lab servers back home to test the SFP+ modules, and the fiber cable is for a fiber tester that I’m still waiting to receive. I’m having a problem with some fiber at work and no tools to troubleshoot, so had to buy a light source and power meter, as well as visual fault light source. I can probably do a review if there is enough interest.

Thank you for your replies. I am thinking of going Chelsio with SPF+. Which model Chelsio has the forum found to work well? I am also looking for a dual port 10G card. Of course at a low cost.

Always check the Chelsio website for pricing before purchasing sometime they sell the cards directly for less than the resellers.

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