Email being sent to spam

Just noticed today one of the update emails got sent to my spam, just a head ups google/gmail is being weird.


Weird, we use Google and it’s not going to spam for me or my staff. We don’t have any special filters.

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Yea I’m not entirely sure of the “why”, just noticed one day I wasn’t getting the updates. Maybe I don’t open enough frequently and some “AI/script” has decided email with less than average activity = spam? Seeing I’m the only one who posted could be a per-user thing.

I would guess yours works since the accounts you guys are using are within the same domain - automatic trust (as opposed to personal accounts receiving * I’m assuming you and your staff used emails to verify it’s not going to spam.

Perhaps there is some resource that’s not available on the web server? A logo, image or CSS file.

This happened to me while using Invoice Ninja before. I was using the dark theme emails and it was referring to a file that didn’t exist. I switched to the plain theme and the emails started delivering without an issue.

I just tried a reset email and I received it in my inbox although it looks like the emails aren’t sending with the dark theme anymore. Maybe Tom switched that.