Fortinet vpn client not connecting thru pfsesnse


I have friend who is trying to get a VPN connection to work from the company Laptop he is using PFsense at the head of his network. the company is running there VPN server on a Fortinet appliance and is using a flavor IPSec. the telemetry connection works but the data tunnel never comes up snipit from the log file has been attached

We have tried forwarding the ipsec ports to the IP address of the laptop
PFsense was reverted back to default

it does connect if we bypass pfsense and connect the laptop directly to the ONT provided by his isp

I think you need to look at the PFSense logs to see what happens during the connection process. If the initial connection is getting to the Fortinet box but the response back needed to complete the connection is getting blocked by PFSense then that dropped connection should be logged by PFSense. You may need to wireshark the connection and see what the packets look like in order to figure out what ports need to be open. Remember you need two rules, a Firewall rule, and a NAT rule to allow traffic through.