Forcing workstation set statically to Pi-Hole

Hi, everyone I setup a pfSense with a VLAN10 (10.10.6.x) as my main network for Workstation, Switch , Access Point and Servers. I don’t use the DHCP server of the pfSense for VLAN10 and I’m wondering how can I force my users to use Pi-Hole with IP addr of for example?
For other VLANs that I have like VLAN30 I have pfSense DHCP server and manually added the Pi-Hole server…

For some reason my LAN is just there for Management…

I did disable the DNS resolver of my pfSense, deleted hard coded DNS servers under " System > General Setup ", and force to use Remote DNS server, ignore local DNS.

I’m thinking adding an alias for ports like 53 and 850 then use it on VLAN10 with Source inverted to Pi-Hole IP addr and DEST to the port alias.

Are you asking how to assign the DNS IP in PFSense to other VLAN’s automatically?

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Yes sir, for example if we have VLAN30 and pfSense as the DHCP server of VLAN30 we can just add the DNS IP addr under Services > DHCP server so the DHCP will only hand on the correct DNS server. But what if my VLAN10 is statically assigned?

Don’t know if you know that pfSense can easily replace and carry the functions of a Pi-Hole device. Pi-Hole is essentially a set of DNSBL and IP address tables and can be easily added to pfBlocker. Suggest simplifying the setup with this move.

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To simply answer you question. No, because that is the whole purpose DHCP.

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