For people running their own private mail servers, did you ever consider helm?

For people running their own private mail servers, did you ever consider helm?

Has anyone ever used it? What was your experience with it?

I haven’t… Running Mailcow which is free…

Helm isn’t open source, license fee is not interesting for homelabbing (my use)…

Their points like protect data from hacking, surveilance, etc… think that is usually handled by other components in a corporate environment and by the use of TSL/SSL etc… Not sure adding another closed propriatary device / software in your infrastructure will make things safer in the long run.

This one appears to be just another firewall like device but for mail… maybe I’m wrong.

I remember seeing Helm advertised on “The New Screensavers” years ago, and it sounded interesting, but at the time I was running Microsoft SBS using exchange. I am a Microsoft partner, so I pay for the Action Pack, and I now just run a standalone Microsoft Exchange server, but I have also played with Synology Mail on a test domain.

Hmm. Looks like another proprietary black box (although it is white) that automagically stores your data, sends emails, provides VPN Access to your network etc. There’s a lot of buzzword bingo going on on their site without provideing any technical details on how all the magic inside the box works, what software is beeing used etc… Also, with a price tag of $449 for the 1TB model it’s quite expensive for an ARM device with 4GB of RAM.

Oh, and it doesn’t seem to do anything without a subscription. If this company goes out of business, it is very likely that you will have a $449 brick at home with encrypted data on it that you can no longer access.