First time with Managed switches. Need recommendation on some items

Hi Everyone.
This all is alien to me so looking for some recommendation.

I recently picked up a Pfsense 6100max box…and looking forward for trying to setup the firewall need your guys recommendation on a good 1G 16 port managed switch and also 8 port managed switch.

I also already have a FS switch - S5860-20SQ along with Ubiquity UAP-XG access point.

Also any recommendation on a 10g POE for XG AP ? the one from UI is sold out…

You can get a different 10G switch from Ubiquity and use a POE injector.

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Hi @LTS_Tom Thank you so much for your reply. You know which switch/injector than I should get for powering the XG AP ?

Thank you!!

Any of the Ubiquity / Unifi line of switches are good, it’s a matter of what you can find in stock. We have a sheet with all their switches listed here:

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This sheet is super helpful thank you so much for sharing and putting this together… Way better to figure out than UI website :slight_smile:

I am so glad I came across your forum / YT channel :slight_smile: You guys are incredible !!!

So seems like the Switch do have SFP port for 10gb but no port is 10 GB and POE for XG AP ?

I am guessing I might have to power it separately and than get 10gb to AP to get full potential of Comcast 1200 mb connection which is over provisioned to like 1400iish I think… ?