First install of pfSense in home lab

Hi, I am new to pfSense and have tried to get one working behind my existing router as I can’t put the modem/router in bridge mode (not allowed by ISP). I have installed pfSense with the defaults using DHCP on the WAN side (192.168.1.x) and the only changes from the defaults when I ran the wizard were the LAN IP addresses (10.10.160.x) and I turned off the two options specified by Tom in his videos about this specific thing (block private networks & block bogon networks).

I can’t reach the internet, nor can I ping the first router ( from the LAN side yet I can ping both the router and public IP adresses from the pfSense console.

I’ve tried everything that I could find with multiple searches on the net and nothing works. Can anyone suggest anything I can do to get this to work?

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In System / Advanced / Networking, do you have Disable hardware checksum offload checked?

It is unchecked. BTW my network ports are on a PCIe Intel 4 port network adapter. The one on the motherboard is a Realtek.

Check it, reboot pfsense, see if client can ping/access (I assume this is the LAN side)

It works now. Thank-you!