First home lab - SFP+ help/advise please

Hey everyone. Im trying to put together my first homelab type network, but Im a noob at this stuff. I know what im looking at putting together is certainly overkill for my 400mb down connection but since im investing in the system I’d like to future proof it as much as I can. Fiber is coming my way but not sure exactly when it’ll be here. I’ve been watching a lot of videos and reading as much as I can but some of this stuff is pretty new to me. Im looking to start with a supermicro firewall type appliance and eventually add in a switch/server down the road for some security cameras, wireless access points, and nas servers. I was hoping someone might help me clear up some confusion with some of the new sfp+ tech and possibly confirm whether or not a couple pieces of gear Im looking at are compatible with each other??

The two supermicros im look at are, Supermicro Intel Xeon D-2123IT Quad Core Front I/O 1U Server w/ 2x SFP+, 2x 10Gbase-T, 4x GbE, and Supermicro Intel Xeon D-2123IT Quad Core Front I/O 1U Server w/ 2x 10Gbase-T Ports. The switch im looking at is the Unifi Switch Pro 24 port PoE.

From what I can tell the Uni switch has a sfp+ connection, as well as the Supermicro with the sfp+ connections. Im assuming I can connect those two without issues, but can anyone confirm or point out something that i might be missing? Supermicro also has servers that have the 10g base-T connectors, but I didnt think it would be compatible with the unifi switch with sfp+ connectors. Thoughts?? I’ve seen most of Tom’s videos on the tech but there are so many connectors and types that its getting a little confusing . I would appreciate any info or advice you guys could give. Thanks.

The UniFi 24-port pro model does have SFP plus ports which you can use DAC cables to connect with. The standard 24-port Poe switch from unified does not have SFP Plus.

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Hey Tom, thanks so much for the confirmation! I’ve watched your video on DAC vs Fiber latency video a couple times this weekend and was hoping I could use something like that. Also, just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the videos and tutorials you make. I got into pfsense after finding your youtube channel, and it would have been much more difficult without the great resources you guys provide . Thanks again!

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