Firewalla Gold or Unifi Dream Machine Pro

I have a Firewalla Gold that is in router mode and running my network. I was looking into the Unifi Dream Machine Pro as I want it for the Controller, Protect, & maybe the Unifi talk in the future (depends on how it is). I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the Firewalla Gold and UDM-Pro. If one is better than the other, or how to get them to work together?
I run a NAS with a full web server and more from my network.
If anyone can help me out that would be amazing!

I have not used and do not really have an opinion on the Firewalla, but the UDM Pro is very basic and is not a product we deploy due to it’s lack of features as a firewall. If you only need basic routing it works and having the controller built in can be nice but that is about it from a UnIFi standpoint.

How would you suggest setting up the udm pro along side a firewall?

I would suggest not doing that.