Firewall rules for common, commercial products

Hi all,

I am sure this is a common ask, but is there a good, community driven resource that aggregates firewall rule requirements for common products (for the “paranoid”)? e.g.,

  • Wireless providers - AT&T, VZW, wifi calling, etc
  • IoT devices
  • Home automation/security - Google Nest, Ring, Philips Hue
  • Audio - Sonos, Sony, etc
  • TV/cable/video - LG, Apple TV, etc

I know that there are lots of ways to address these things, but knowing the ports that they require would be ideal. Some of the companies do seem to make an effort to provide information, but often the guidance is incomplete or non-existent. I see lots of one-off pages where someone provides their findings, but I would love a link to a community driven site or wiki.

Don’t think there is, there are usual well known ones however, you at least know it won’t exceed 65k !

Personally I blocked all ports when I originally configured pfsense, I could eventually work out which additional ports I needed one by one. It’s a bit annoying at first but settles down after a while.

On the guest network all traffic passes so you can always shift to that if you snooker yourself.


Yes. This seems to be the normal progression for all new home, network firewall admins. It just seems odd that given this is generally the natural path progression that such a consolidated resource does not exist.

That said, you suggestion seems to be the best path forward. That or tumbling down the VLAN rabbit holes… Thanks!

Don’t forget you put those port numbers into an alias and use the alias in rules, so you really only need to do it once and then can apply on any network you wish.