Firewall rule for PMS

I know this is probably an easy rookie mistake, but after setting up my router, openVPN and Pfblocker - all working well, I can’t figure out the correct rule for one of my VLANS.

I have my regular LAN and 3 VLANs. One for IoT, one for Xbox and one for streaming services. I want to place all my streaming devices on its own VLAN, but the thing is the Plex Server lives on the LAN at a fixed IP.

Lets notate my LANS as follows: Lan , IoT , Game and Stream . Plex lives on Lan because my media drives also live on Lan.

For rules I have

  1. Lan wide open to every other network.
  2. IoT blocks Lan, Game, Stream, Allows net and IoT
  3. Game blocks Lan, IoT and Stream, allows net and Game
  4. Steam allows Plex IP on Lan, blocks Lan, Game, IoT, allows net and Stream

Here is the actual screen grab from my setup. Should this allow Stream to get to the Plex server? I can’t ping the Plex server from a computer on Stream.

If you want to test ping you need to create an additional rule to allow ICMP traffic to that IP. Also, I would change your first rule to IPv4* instead of TCP just in case it needs UDP. Also, maybe change the source to ANY for testing to make sure your STREAM net object is the correct range.

Thanks I’ll try that. Plex only needs TCP.

FYI my rules were right - it was the Firewall in my Windows based Plex Server that was not replying to pings from a different subnet - changed a rule on Windows Fire it all works now.

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