Firewall/Router with PoE

During the VLOG Thursday 291 Q&A someone asked about firewall/router with PoE. One of my earliest Ubiquiti equipment installations I used an EdgeRouter PoE - 5 and a UAP-AC-Pro to cover a bar and banquet hall with WiFi and wired network. I selected the EdgeRouter PoE - 5 because it supports 24 volt and 48 volt PoE and the Unifi PoE switches available at that time only supported 48 volt PoE. This became important when I was asked to extend Internet access to another building on the property ( deployment documented at Now that the UniFi switches support 24 & 48 volt PoE I have switched the EdgeMax equipment to UniFi to provide the customer with a single pane of glass management interface.

Best Regards,
Roger M. Jenson