Firewall for newbie

We are a very small (3 people) company. We have a couple of servers in a colo at a local datacenter. I’m currently using a program called RDS-Knight for IP-GEO blocking and brute force blocking (the program creates firewall rules, currently around 7,000+ rules).

I know NOTHING about firewalls, but I think these devices can do what the software is doing, thus removing this overhead from the server.

At the datacenter, we have a single cat-5 incoming cable, which goes into an unmanaged switch, the IP are set in the server. We have 14 public ip address we can use (currently only using 5).

These server ONLY do Remote Desktop Connections, the user can’t get to the internet. I also have a Synology that does FTP stuff.

Do you have any recommendations? Looking for a super simple user interface.

What would be the costs in getting some consultant help.

There is a plug in for pfsense called pfblocker that offers the IP address Geo Filtering. We install a lot of pfsense firewalls, but any firewall will have a learning curve to it. It is something you can hire us to setup or consult on here

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