Firewall advice

Having recently upgraded internet to 1GB fibre, i want to refresh my network. currently have a Ubiquiti ER3 lite running 3 vlans, main, IOT and Dirty for company laptop as i work from home. Any advice as to what should replace the er3 lite as there are a number of options even more with the 2 new unifi just announced?

All down to what functions you want the firewall to do / user case

  1. New Unifi FW
  2. Netgate Firewall
  3. PFSense running on third party machine.

All will work

It will depend on your use case. Aside from having 3 vlan, what else do you want to do with your firewall?

Doesn’t that box still work? Sounds like you want the prettiest product on the store shelf. In these forums that would be pfsense by a country mile.

I’m in a similar situation, work from home, just got 1 gig fiber to compliment the 200 meg cable company (can’t get rid of the 200 meg for internal reasons) I personally went with the netgate 6100. Its not cheap, and its got a LOT more horsepower than I need currently or probably ever will need. However, like you i work from home as do other folks in my house and wanted a high end reliable device. if you do get a 6100 keep in mind, there’s no built in switch (which Tom pointed out to me) so you’ll need to use a switch to handle the vlans. @reymond070605 is right though, need to evaluate what you plan on doing, it will help you make a better decision.

The ultimate goal is to have a powerful stable firewall. The IoT vlan has a sizable amount of devices, Having a fast vpn would be nice as i do like to stream plex when i am away from home. My initial thoughts were a Dream Machine Pro or a Netgate 2100.

Add OPNsense to the list above