Finally! A+ on DSLReports Speedtest

I recently upgraded to the Xfinity gigabit plan. Because of all the data we use at home, I added the unlimited data option for an additional $25/month. The gateway they initially sent was the older DOCSIS 3.0 model, and I got my usual “D” for bufferbloat on this test. I had them go ahead and send me the new gateway ($15 shipping), which is a Technicolor DOCSIS 3.1 model with a Broadcom chipset. Now I get an “A+” on the aforementioned test. In order to get an “A” in the past, I had to tweak pfSense settings.

The reason I didn’t buy an Arris SB8200? That’s $169.99, and, get this, Comcast charges $30/month for unlimited if you choose to use your own modem. Hopefully this one in bridge mode will work fine.

Article on DOCSIS 3.1 and Bufferbloat

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Wow those prices just look eyewatering to me, my ISP in the UK has sucky speeds but stable for £20 unlimited. Can’t imagine paying these prices, but Gigabit speeds are probably in the same price range though it’s not available in my area (London!)

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I use an ARRIS SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 and thanks for sending the link to the test. Just ran it - now I feel good about my setup. ERPoE-5. Xfinity 600 Mbps plan. No problem with buffer bloat.Capture

Do you mind sharing those settings? I’m interested in improving mine as well.