Filter using Seq, Ack, Win and Len values?

Hi All

My google skills have failed miserably…

Is there a way with pfSense or a package I can install to pfSense that will allow me to find a particular [PSH, ACK] with a unique Seq, Ack, Win and Len values

and then ask PFSense to issue a command when it finds it, such a small script?

Thanks in advance.

Not clear on what you are attempting to do but there is an option under advanced in the firewall rules that will allow you to choose the TCP flags.

Thanks for the reply Tom.

So I have a system at home that is supposed to notify me when it gets activated via push notifications. they are having issues all the times with their servers so me and other users never get the notifications.

I captured my device when the notification get sent to their servers and all I want to do is get my router to pick that signature up and then for me to run my own script so I can send notifications to my phone

This is the line i wish to search for and create a rule for


I am not aware of anything built into pfsense that would offer that functionality.