Field of Dreams

Looking to deploy a wifi security camera ~650 feet from base location. Anyone deployed (seen / thought of) Ubiquiti NSM2 bridges where instead of the AP bridge being CAT5/6 to a switch PoE port, instead is connected back to the base location via a UAP-AC-M? Access Point inside the base location will feed to a UAP-AC-M direct connected to the NSM2, that NSM2 beams signal 650 feet away, and another UAP-AC-M at the end point feeds wifi to the security camera.

You can go that far with Gamechanger cable


I know you’ve had that product in the studio, but have you deployed it at 200 meters yet? With only 22AWG how much voltage drop are you seeing at 30 watts? Or even better, how much at BT power levels of around 50-100 watts?

This question is actually based on some work that I may be doing in the future (if my job doesn’t get “changed”). This could involve powering anywhere up to 100 watts, and longer is better. Signals would be video on the SRT protocol SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Protocol | Haivision

I may need to power some hungry 12 volt PTZ USB cameras (2 to 3 amps) and a small computer (hopefully a Pi4). The Pi4 is easy with currently available AF power levels (POE+ to 5 volts), the BT level of convertor is something I still haven’t found. But I’m also not to testing this yet, haven’t had time to get ffmpeg looking at the USB camera and sending 1080 size frames over SRT. Or even Open NDI.

I have only used it a few times but seemed solid, they have all the voltage drop specs on their site