Fiber optic to my detached garage

Years ago AT&T installed a camera on my house and one on the garage for my driveway. My garage is detached and they used wireless power line adapters for the garage camera.
Since then I have upgraded, pulled down the AT&T cameras and replaced them with 6 Amcrest 5mp cameras. I’m still using the power line adapters but I want to run a dedicated hardline to my garage approximately 30ft.
I was going to do a direct burial cat6 cable but then I heard Fiber would be better because of possible lightning strikes.
I’m running all Unifi equipment, USG pro, 24 port non Poe switch and 16 port Poe switch. The Amcrest cameras are on a Amcrest 8 port POE switch in the house for now and a Amcrest 5 port POE switch in the garage 2 cams on that switch. AT&T fiber 1g internet.

So anyway, this is the part I’m confused about. If I was to run fiber, what should I run out there? Dual mode, single mode, two line fiber, single line fiber?
I was looking at TP-link media converters, but does Ubiquiti make them also?

I just want my cameras out there to work better. They keep going offline here and there for a few minutes and takes about 30-45 seconds to pull up in the app. My other cams are basically instant.

Oh and I may also add Wi-Fi out there.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can use SFP 1G or SFP+ 10G multimode fiber connectors in the UniFi swtiches then you use pre-fab multimode fiber such as:

That’s not the correct type of fiber for burial or any other exposed outdoor conditions. I wouldn’t even run it in buried conduit, because water seeps in and this fiber isn’t rated for that type of use.

here’s an example of pre-terminated direct burial fiber:

This was single mode, but I’m guessing you can get multimode if you want. It all depends on having the correct SFP modules so you can find either.

Funnily enough, the last couple of weeks I’ve been rebuilding my pfSense configuration from scratch. One thing I have noticed is that now my 10 year old cameras, on their own vlan are much more “snappier” than before. This could be due to now allowing NTP traffic out (I had noticed the clocks weren’t keeping time before but thought NTP was working properly) or the general config clean up.

Having better wires might be a good idea anyway, though it may not change anything, cameras don’t take up much bandwidth so if you are getting poor performance perhaps check NTP is working correctly and reinspect your router config.