Feedback on new RMM/PSA

Hi Guys,

I (and my team) have been working on a RMM & PSA tool and have recently released it and we’re after some feedback (and if you like it, to sign up!).

We’re a small MSP & software development company based in Sydney, Australia (with 9 staff) and would love some feedback from other MSPs.

The market for this product is primarily for MSPs managing up to ~1000 endpoints.

Our goals are a fully integrated system with Ticketing, Timesheets, Billing & RMM at a cost effective price for small companies.

We have a free plan for up to 100 agents (not a trial) which we hope will help out the smaller IT companies and one-man bands.

Features include:

  • Full Ticketing system with HTML support (including POP3 & Office 365 email integration)
  • Timesheets, Expenses & Leave Requests
  • CRM with Newsletters & Project Management
  • Billing with Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and automatic billing for subscription services (like those domains you forget to invoice clients for or monthly Office 365 invoices)
  • Xero Integration to push Invoices into Xero
  • Password manager
  • ScreenConnect integration
  • Webroot & Bitdefender Integration
  • Windows/Mac/Linux Agent
  • SNMP Support
  • Windows Patch Management (including Windows 10 Feature Updates)
  • Event log monitoring
  • Scripting
  • Azure AD Integration
  • Stripe Payment Integration


If you have any questions please do let me know!



Looks like you’re off to a good start! We’re currently using SyncroMSP and it looks like your system is very similar. I hate the Syncro interface, it feels very old and clunky. I can already tell you’ve put a bit more thought and effort in to making your interface clean and friendly.

Some integrations we’d be looking for would be Splashtop, ITGlue, SentinelOne, Pax8, WarrantyMaster, Huntress, and Google Calendar.

Definitely going to keep an eye on your progress. I signed up for a trial so I can play around with it. I’ll let you know if I have any other thoughts after using it a bit. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for testing! Yes we will have splashtop integration soon and we’re currently working with WarrantyMaster to get that added.

For Google Calendar how would you like that to work?

Thanks again, we’re working on a new release that will be out next month with some nice new features!

That’s great to hear you’re already working on those integrations! Currently, Syncro has an appointment system built in so we can add an appointment to a ticket which then syncs with the Google Calendar of the tech. I think they have the option to integrate with an Office 365 calendar also. I suppose you would also need an appointment feature also.

I am new to the RMM tools and I use itarian and your RMM both works good specialy bluetrait because its faster than itarian. But I don’t know it’s me or what both have problem in windows 10 patch management.

@michaeldale do you have a onprem version ? currently that is the main reason we are with Naverisk