Feedback on content workflow video

I think your channel videos have become a lot better over time… Especially the last months with the extra graphics/banners… I think the graphics may be scaled down a bit though.

Color is fine as far as I’m concerned… Don’t see how the extra bother of color grading would improve things… Personally I think you have the right mindset there setting up the camera and lighting to be right for how you like it and stick with that… Ofc if you would like to change the lights, camera settings this would impact the coloring on the videos in which actual colorgrading with davinci might come in handy.

Great editor Davinci Resolve… Been using it myself for quiet some time. OBS… check… And yeh… faces and such in thumnails do seem to matter.

Great job on the channel!!! I do however sometimes feeel it is a bit too Unify/ Synology hyped but that is just me probably. I can see how that would be a main focus since you are deploying those in the field a lot.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

Can you clarify that?

As for the UnFi, Synology, (I would throw TrueNAS & pfsense in as well) they solutions we deploy at scale so we talk a lot about them. We have lot of projects using over 200+ UniFi access points and we work with a few big name movie production studios servicing TrueNAS. My channel is mostly a reflection of projects we do and other things that I think other tech people might be interested in.

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I just meant the graphics (banners, etc) are a bit big but that is totally my personal taste/opinion. Nothing wrong with them at all ofc. And reviewing that again… They are actually fine… no idea why I said what I said… Must have been having a brain farth… :slight_smile: Actually looks a lot more professional than before you did that.

And yeah, like I mentioned… I totally get that you focus on unify/Synology/Truenas Core/pfsense (very happy with the last 2) as I’ve said in my response… And I’ve heard to mention it several times in your videos.

Better focus on things you know and actually use deploying projects than to do more generic videos about solutions that have no practical use for you and will like you also mentioned, generate few views.

It wasn’t intended as critism at all… I love your channel… It’s my go-to every day !

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