Fault Tolerant POS or SQL machine

I have a few customers that are running Quickbooks POS. I also have a few clients running other applications using SQL. They would like the server to be fault tolerant. They all have just a few client machines or POS stations. So if one POS goes down they can work from any of the other ones. I was thinking to run the software application in a VM and back it up on a Synology Server. So if the server went down I could move the application to any other machine and keep them running. Does anyone have a more elegant solution to this. I found software that will sync two machines running Windows but it runs $10K. My main concern is the lack of redundancy in just a regular computer or one server. I know I can RAID 1 two drives but what if the hardware fails.

I don’t think Quickbooks POS was really designed to be fault tolerant in any way at the application level, there are probably other POS systems that offer better management of that.

Putting together a hypervisor that has shared storage and fault tolerance is not going to be cheap.

Do a little research into Linux Open Source POS systems. I recall 2 both from Europe but work well off the top I don’t remember the names. If you want a reliable system then ditch QB and Windows. If I run across the installs from years back I will post. Most of the Linux based POS s are LAMP and terminal runs in a browser full screen. Thin clients back end bare metal or VM.