Faster-than-1GbE home Internet—broad question

I currently have a home setup similar to what Tom recommends in many videos—pfSense router (Netgate 5100), UniFi switches and APs, TrueNAS box, etc. I’m generally happy with how everything functions; I like the UniFi stack (and in fact wish the router could be integrated into the UniFi controller), everything works, etc.

For a while I’d been thinking about upgrading to 10G on the LAN, but put it off because there was no real need, and it would be expensive. But I’ve just learned that my ISP can now do 2 Gig to the home, and I’m tempted to use this as the excuse.

However, I’m not sure how I could do this without a really gigantic outlay, or losing most of my setup. I have three UniFi switches, all of which are required because of a poor original cabling setup. I’ve seen this thread here (and similar discussions) about a pfSense router that can handle 2 GbE (which would be somewhat pricey), but also getting three UniFi switches that can handle > 1 GbE would be very expensive. On the other hand, moving to something else like MikroTik would lose the very nice UniFi controller.

I realize it’s an overly broad question, but I don’t think I’ve seen a Lawrence Systems video about Faster Than 1 G Home Setup: is there any general advice for how to plan this sort of thing?

Have to ask yourself do you really need 2G internet and the associated costs involved in upgrading your network hardware,

The NUC device is the link, currently does not work with PFSense, you need to wait for PFSense BSD version 13 - pfSense Software is Moving Ahead (

I don’t have a 1 Gb connection let alone 2 Gb but unless you already saturate your connection can’t see any reason to do it other than you can.

Perhaps there is a way to LAGG up your connections so that you can utilise 2 Gb on the WAN over the network.

10Gb cards and switches have been around for a while, but those prices stink and now you have interfaces on 2.5 or 5 Gb, so IMO it will be several years until prices come down where you don’t really notice it.

Mikrotik and FS have several devices that are 2.5gbps or 5gbps per port which might fit, else you are either aggregating or putting in new equipment, no easy way around it.

UniFi has lower cost 10G switches such as the USW-Aggregation but the bigger money outlay would be for a firewall. If you still with Netgate they have the 6100.

The basic question you must answer is , “Do I really need this?” the second question, " Is the upgrade affordable?"