Failed pfSense Upgrade to 2.70 CE on three separate occassions. What am I doing wrong?

Hi I’m just reaching out since I’m stumped and cant seem to troubleshoot things.

I’m currently running pfSense 2.60 CE virtualized within xcp-ng. On three separate occassions I’ve attempted to upgrade to 2.70 CE however the system will start acting very strange after a few days. It seems the config file becomes corrupted and then I start getting a bunch of errors. I have a bunch of snapshots – 2.60 running systems, 2.70 with failed config file, and 2.70 that won’t even boot. With the 2.70 failed config file, I’ll simply try to restore the config (as saved from the 2.60 system), however I’ll soon get a message “arprequest: cannot find matching address”. I’m not quite sure what this even means, however I’ve googled the topic and find that I’ve seen mention of this error back to posts from 2012 without any meaningful conversation as to what causes the error.

I’m kind of stumped what to do at this point. I’ve upgraded to 2.70 three separate occasions. I’m sensing something about the config file from 2.60 to 2.70 doesn’t quite crossover during the upgrade, however I’m at odds how to prove it. I’m not even sure where I should start. For testing purposes I have a bunch of snapshots saved within xcp-ng to revert or I can simply upgrade from my current configuration.

It could be that it’s visualized is why you are having a lot of issues with it. You could check the bug tracker to see if there issues with virtualizing 2.7.0. Could you pose the errors you are getting after the upgrade?

Might want to install the Patches add-on to see if there are any patches to add for 2.7.

Have you tried building a vm with a clean install to see if you have the same result, if you do then it’s the host.

I would grab the config file, load a fresh 2.7 and then restore the config file.

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Yup, always worth a try. And most times this will work just fine.

[edit] this should have been quoting Tom, fail #1 for my day