Fail to segregate two VLAN networks

I recently bought a house and started on my home network. Though I am facing a problem and can’t find the solutions anywhere. I have fiber network to the home. I have connected it to a pfSense box. The pfSense desktop has only one LAN available. So I have connected a Dell powerconnect 2808 managed switch to it. I am trying to create two seperate VLAN and connect two AP to them so they don’t talk to each other. I have created two VLAN on the switch and the pfSense (HC for home network and HC IOT for IOT devices). One AP is a plume mesh wifi setup connected to the port 2 (VLAN HC) of the switch. Another AP is a TP-Link archer AX11000 connected to port 3 of the switch (VLAN HC IOT). But the TP-Link router is still connecting to the main LAN. If I disable the DHCP server of the TP-Link router and disable NAT on it then no device is connecting to it. Seems like the IOT VLAN is not providing DHCP service to the TP-link router. And if I keep DHCP server and NAT enabled then the devices connected to the IOT network and ping other devices which I am trying to block. Here are some screenshots:

Can you point me to the right direction? Any help is highly appreciated.

Not sure about the switch settings, but the VLAN settings you have in pfsense are tied to interface BCE0 which is you WAN not BCE1 which is you LAN.