Eye opening after i installed this on my android phone

the realtime traffic log is nice to watch

the amount of trackers is crazy … and i have the insidious piece of “malware” called “google play services” permanently disabled!


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It’s not uncommon to find a large number of trackers in various applications and services, including “Google Play Services,” which is often a core component of Android devices. While disabling “Google Play Services” may help limit some tracking, it’s important to note that it may also affect the functionality of certain apps and services on your device. I personally think that there is no difference if you accept or decline to give them access to your information, they will anyway get access to it and you can do nothing about. The thing is that you will never know about it, and yet they will still have all your data saved on their servers for tracking your preferences.

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If you are into trying to protect your phone from tracking and such, have a look at GrapheneOS.
A fully hardened Android OS without these trackers and with granular control of most features, especially interesting is that you can easily control any permissions for each app.
It also comes without any Google Services, so they cannot collect any data from your phone.

Note though, it only works on Pixel phones…

thats pretty cool! been looking for something like this for a while, thanks for sharing.

and yeah, first time running a package dump on “your phone” is very eye opening xD

sadly doesnt work if you already have a VPN because it uses a local VPN to get to the traffic. thats hard to avoid though.

cool tool!

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