Extend existing unifi network to include poe switch w/o wire

I have an existing unifi network (UDM Pro with 2 wired unifi POE switches) that is within my house. I want to extend the network to an adjacent building that is 75’ away and add a POE switch and AP within said building. I don’t want to ‘wire’ this extension. Use case is to provide internet access via AP and security cameras via poe switch. What are my options to wirelessly extend my network using Ubiquiti sourced equipment?

Assuming you have line of site between the buildings, then a Point-to-point wireless connection is what you are looking for. This is a pair of devices that connect only to each other and pass through traffic as if they are just part of the ethernet cable.

Ubiquiti has one option if you want everything to be managed within the Unifi space, and a few options if you don’t mind having the PtP be separate.

Unifi Building-to-Building Bridge (UBB-US): Building-to-Building Bridge – Ubiquiti Inc. - full gigabit throughput using 60GHz with 5GHz fallback. Internally it is the same hardware as the GBE-US, you are paying a premium for it to be Unifi managed. Always sold as a pair units that are preprogrammed to connect to each other.

UISP airMAX GigaBeam (GBE-US): UISP airMAX GigaBeam 60 GHz Radio – Ubiquiti Inc. - full gigabit throughput using 60GHz with 5GHz fallback. Sold as single units, buy two. Setting them up requires setting one end up as an AP and the other end up as a client. The out of box install wizard should make this very easy, and once you set it up you probably will never touch it again.

UISP airMAX GigaBeam Plus (GBE-Plus-US): https://store.ui.com/collections/operator-airmax-and-ltu/products/airmax-gigabeam-plus-60-ghz-radio - second generation product, really only a big deal for longer distances (>100 meters) or very rainy environments (rain isn’t good for 60GHz, which is why the 5GHz fallback exists)

There are other PtP products from Ubiquiti, but at this short distance it doesn’t make sense to save a little and get a 5GHz-only device. There hasn’t been a new 5GHz-only product since the 60GHz ones came out.

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