ExpressVPN on PFSense 2.6.0 - Anyone get it working?

I’ve been trying to get ExpressVPN connected using pfsense 2.6.0 without any joy…Their config instructions only supports up to 2.4.5. I spent 2 hrs on the expressvpn online chat with a support chap but we could not get it going…So has anyone else managed it? If so i’d love some advice

I have not used Express VPN but I do have instructions for using it with PIA which should be mostly the same assuming they are using OpenVPN.

Many thanks, I’ll run through the video now cross check the settings and see if that does the trick.

No joy following the video instructions, there are a few different or missing sections in the 2.6.0 version to the expressvpn openvpn settings which are provided.
Here is a link to them if anyone is interested - How to Set Up ExpressVPN on a Freebox Using OpenVPN