Export Digitial Ocean droplet to XCP-NG

I have a digital ocean droplet and would like to have a copy of that server on my lab XCP-NG server. I have read that DO does not support exporting, but dd could be used. To that end, I found (and completed) the following command.

ssh root@my.do.ip.addr "dd if=/dev/vda1 | gzip -1 -" | dd of=do_backup.gz

That being completed, I realize that it’s a gz file and would need to be expanded, but… I am having trouble with figuring out what the next step is. I’ve tried doing some conversions to create VDI/VHD/VMDK files, but XCP-NG reports that no boot device is found. Now, I think that makes sense as the command run does not back up the drive as an entirety, but just one partition.

So, what am I here for? HELP! How should I go about mounting that partition or otherwise completing an import into XCP-NG?