Expanding RAID and Storage Pool on XCP-ng


Currently building a new Server for customer.
Will be running XCP-ng OS on is own set of drives (RAID 1). and having a separate set of 4 SSD’s running RAID 10 that will be the Storage for the VMs, formatted ext.

Planning on having the RAID handled by the HP Smart Array controller.

The question is if the customer wants to extend storage in the future, I can grow the Array in the HP tools but will XCP-ng see the new size straight away or will I have to do something else? Assume the partition will need to be increased too but how? and is there anything I should look out for during the initial install to allow for this in the future.


It’s based on Linux so assuming you used EXT4 for the partition you would use the EXT4 tools & process to expand the drive.

Hi Tom,

And thats the bit I have not done before :slight_smile: Will have a google for ext4 expand, thanks.