Excluding Directories In FreeNAS Cloud Sync Task

Using FreeNAS 11.3, I configured a Cloud Sync Task to push files to Backblaze B2. The backup works fine but I can’t seem to figure out how to properly use the exclusions sections.

The Directory/Files path on my NAS is /mnt/Storage/Shared. I am backing up this shared folder which contains lots of folders including a Media folder I want to exclude. The full path to the media folder is “/mnt/Storage/Shared/Media/*” or UNC SAMBA path “\NAS\Shared\Media*”. There are multiple folders of folders/files underneath that Media folder that I am trying to exclude.

I have my exclude line as “”/Media/**" --ignore-case" (without the open and closing quotes) based on what I could find about rclone scripting. I am rclone noob thought so I have no idea what I am missing or doing wrong here.

Any help correcting this issue is greatly appreciated!

I changed my exclude line to “Media” (without quotes) and that does work. It doesn’t need any leading or trailing slashes. It also didn’t like when I included any of the Directory/Files initial path in the excluded path.

Hi there, I’m having the same problem… can you help me with the command I should put on the exclude parameter?
I want to leave out the {photo} folder from the screenshot
Thanks in advance!

For my exclude line I just worked off the base directory path. So, in your case if the Directory/Files path is /mnt/Pool4tb/. The exclude line can be “Syncthing-Data/Lazaros-Backup/photos/” (without quotes but keep the trailing slash).

it didn’t work for me…

What does your “Directory/Path” line actually show?