Exchange Certificate Renewal Question

If I were to assign a technician a ticket to perform a renewal on a certificate for an Exchange server for services what would be a reallistic amount of time for this procedure? Exclude the time it takes for the certificate authority to complete their part. Thanks

It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. And that is accounting for a little bit of breathing room for testing and any minor issue that come about. Its really not that intense.

Even Microsoft’s documentation specifies 5 minutes to complete in their article.

It takes mins to swap the certificate in exchange when the new ssl is installed on the server

Thank you guys, you have pretty much confirmed what I was thinking on the amount of time to actually renew or even add a new certificate. I just needed some confirmation that I was being unreasonable becasue there are some parts of our system that we allow for a third party to perform and when I received an invoice for 3.5Hrs, I immediately thought, wait a minute, why are we being invoiced for a task that takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes max, 3.5HRS. Appreciate your feedback.