Eufy Cameras won't connect to Unifi UDR

I am trying to connect my Eufy Solo S40 cameras to my UDR via WifI. Just wondering if anyone out there has this set up and can share how they did it?

What is the issue ?

What is the setup of the network ?

These devices are only 2.4Ghz wireless, may sure you have this setup


Thanks for replying.

The camera is the Eufy Solocam S40. The SSID that I am connecting on my phone to run the Eufy app is setup to be 2.4Ghz only. I was able to get my Smart Door Lock and front door bell camera to attach and they seem to be working fine. The 2.4Ghz band is pretty crowded around my house so I am not sure if this is the problem. The basic setup is:

Camera>2.4GHz SSID on UDR>WAN Port of UDR> internal network>pfsense>internet

I know that is kind of cryptic but I am still working on a network diagram.

I can see the camera connect to the UDR and get an IP address, but the Eufy app never finishes the connection. And then the device/client disappears off the client list in the UDR Network OS.

Let me know is this helps.