Ethernet Surge Protector

Does anyone use Ethernet Surge Protectors that are reliable? I have an issue with them causing connectivity issues, so I completely stop using them. The last couple of weeks we have had strong storms, resulting in major lighting strikes. The strikes have come in through the coax hitting the modem then traveling through ethernet and killing my routers…lol. I was thinking about using the ETH‑SP‑G2 to go between the Modem and the Router. Is this a bad idea? I am open to recommendations.


The ETH-SP-G2 works, I’m not aware of any reliability issue with it nor anything better in that price range. It has the same caveats as any surge protector, ethernet or power, which are that over time the MOVs that provide most of the high voltage shunting will wear out and there is no way to detect their status (the “Protected” light on high end surge protectors usually just indicates if it is grounded, and on cheap units it is nothing more than a power indicator), and the ability to limit surges is only as good as your ground connection.

Can’t speak to ethernet surge suppressors have’t had the need but for power Zero Surge is a good bet. Zero Surge uses no MOVs and shunts surges to the nutral leg rather than the safety ground.
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I’ve used probably close to 30 ETH-SP-G2 protectors for outdoor APs and stations without any issue. I made sure to ground them all. None of them have been hit with anything, yet, though, so I can’t vouch for their effectiveness.

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Thanks! I will give them a shot.