Ethernet Cabling Preventing Alien Crosstalk

Hello All,

I have been looking to redo the cabling in my house and have purchased a cable comb to clean up the wires before I terminate them into my patch panel.

Alongside this I have been researching about different Ethernet issues that can occur when running cables in a bundle. I have been trying to find information on how long you can run a cable next to the exact same cable before alien crosstalk becomes a serious issue.

I plan to put two drops at each location I run cable to, and I’m trying to figure out that if those cables run alongside each other the entire time if crosstalk will be a real problem?

If anyone has any articles or videos that give specifics, I would love read/watch them. So far I have struggled to find any official or well vetted documentation.

With modern cables that is not really an issue, for a deep dive into the tech side of why that’s not an issue I have a video on that topic talking about cabling standards here

and a follow up one here on some new standards.


Thanks Tom!

I had already seen the first one, but not the second one. It was very interesting thanks for the help!