Ethernet bridge with Ubiquiti AP's?

I’d like to connect a couple remote devices that require a wired ethernet connection. What can I use to interface with my Ubiquiti APs that will give me a remote bridged ethernet port? Frustrating that I can do this with TPLink DECO units but I haven’t found a unit to use with my Ubiquiti network.

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Not a feature I have tested, we use their bridge devices for bridging. airMAX NanoBeam AC 5 GHz Bridge – Ubiquiti Inc.

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I’ll check it out. Thanks for the quick reply.

Wouldn’t that be what the wireless uplink mode is for?

On second thought, that is probably not what that mode was designed for, but maybe it still works.

I like the way you’re thinking but I agree that wireless uplink/mesh seems more for extending the wireless network and unlikely to “feedback” through the wired connection on the AP, though several home mesh networks have this feature.

I have a couple spare APs stored away that I can try but I;m not too optimistic. I can dig them out over the weekend and try them next week.

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As long as the ethernet port stays active when the AP is put into wireless uplink mode, there’s a chance it might work.

But I don’t really see the need to achieve this with Unifi gear in the first place. Think of this wireless bridge device as any other WiFi client - those aren’t in any way “integrated” into the Unifi controller or anything the like. Any standalone Wifi AP that has a client mode should work for this.

That that what Unifi made this bridge for? How far are we talking?

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Not sure I understand exactly what your attempting, AP’s aren’t really designed for bridging/extending wireless networks to extreme distances if that is your aim.
Sure some might work but why not use a device specifically built for it? Unifi has a number of them that can bridge up to 20 miles with clear line of sight. Shortest distance is under 500 meters with multi-gigabit speeds.

At some point they will release a wireless 10 gigabit bridge but I don’t see that happening, it was mentioned in forums 6 years ago and I don’t think it ever came about.

I’ve used the Nanobeam units that Tom mentioned … had them running between a couple of buildings for well over a year with no downtime, and was even running voip phones over the link.

@jackrubin If this is a distance where two access points can see each other they will “mesh” and you’ll get a wireless up link. If the distance is beyond that and you have line of sight, use the Link tool to plan it out. I’ve used a bunch of the NanoBeams that Tom mentioned for runs of 100 -1000 yards.

I have two NanoBeams 5AC 16. One is in my house, which then connects to a Unifi switch, then to my EdgeRouter ERPoe-5 router, which then connects to Cox Modem / Internet. Also on this side of the connections is a NanoHD. The second is in my shop which connects to a Linksys POE switch & Linksys Wifi. In the shop I have a 4 bay rack mount Windows Hyper-V server running a couple VMs (one being a DC), and a FreeNAS NAS devices. Shop devices get Internet from accross the NanoBeams, and the house gets Win domain info from the Win server in the shop. Have had this setup for about 3+ years. Works fantastic about 99% of the time. Love Unifi. Slowly I will replace all non-Unify equipment.

The NanoBeams maintain a 650+ Mbs connection. They are about 75 ft apart PtP thru the windows. Originally I had both mounted with the suction cup mount, but periodically the one in the house kept falling due to condensation on the window. Finally I just let it rest in the bottom channel of the window and it still maintains the same speed connection.

Hope this info helps.


I appreciate the replies and have used the nano beams several times before between buildings where they worked quite well. This is a much simpler situation where I have a mobile rack and just need wired ethernet access for a couple servers that run proprietary systems and lack reliable wireless drivers.

I’m currently using long cables and would like to find a bridge to bring a wired connection to the servers. Distance from the nearest wired AP is no more than 30 feet, so I’m hoping the auto-mesh solution will work. I don’t have the hardware required to test at the server location but hope to be able to visit the site in the next week or so.


Consider fiber optic or Cat 7/Cat 8. You can order pre-cut and terminated segments at specific lengths if you don’t have to mess with doing it yourself?