ESXI Crashing after 12-24 hours

I am wondering if any body know what i could try to solve this problem?

The only thing i have tried is changing the cpus

Its a Dl380 G7

Looks like big time hardware issue, I have ESX never had any driver issues. So mostly your hardware is creating problem.

Try loading any other OS and see you have same issue.

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Here is what I found on the VMware HCL. I would install 6.0U3 and see if that works.

I had a very similar issue, resolution was to change all the NICs on my guests from Intel e1000 to VMxnet3. Issue was random, and across all of my hosts…but fixed the issue

I forgot to write that i solved the issue by installing 6.0U3

Awesome! The HCL is our friend.

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