ER-X Site to Site for SMB

We’re looking at switching away from Sonicwalls and the ER-X and ER-lite looks to be a good potential replacement.

We’re wanting it to do VPNs (both site-to-site and for remote users)

Do you think this will be a wise idea? What problems might we run into?

Is the ER-X powerful enough to be a VPN server for multiple users?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

They are not great hardware. They look cheap, because they are. It would be Slower than canadian molasses on a cold day in Russia. That’s even IF, and that’s a big if, it would even work at all.

I could understand that if any of our customers had fiber but the fastest speeds we get in the area are 250/50 anyways.

The edge series user VPN’s are configured from the command line and not my favorite for that. use case.

Yea, we were getting ready to test that. We’re wondering how well it will run a site to site and then 3-5 user VPN’s using RDP.

I’m a big advocate for switching to pfSense, but unfortunately I don’t make those decisions. I really wish the SG-3100 was about $100 cheaper as it would be an easier sell. A lot of our business is sustained on reoccurring contracts (for better or for worse). My best idea for it would be to charge $150-200 upfront for the firewall and then a monthly rate for web filtering and such.