EOL of UniFi Access Points

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according to recent UniFi Video EOL are You aware of that?



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I have a cupboard of boxes and devices past EoL, they all work but are unsupported. It’s the main reason I switched over to PfSense now we need something similar for Access Points !

IMHO, the most significant part of the announcement regards to:

End of Life (EOL): Device will be visible, but not configurable, in controllers released after the EOL date. It will continue to operate with its current configuration, and the controller will be able to forget the device.

Ah ha ! that’s not helpful ! Unifi kit are a bit expensive in the UK so I haven’t used them but at the end of the day these companies are trying to generate revenues beyond the sale of the device.

I ditched my Asus routers because to use the network monitoring features you had to handover the data to a 3rd party.

Caveat emptor !!

Herein lies the problem with dependance on OEMs for LTS, who typically only make $ on the initial hardware purchase with no recurring revenue to cover LTS overhead expenses.

OEM hardware running DD-WRT or OpenWRT

I was a bit annoyed when I spotted that they were EOLing all that gear, it kind feels like they are taking away the ability to use something that works.

Then it occurred to me that if you are happy to keep the controller on the version before the one that makes them EOL and not update the firmware after that date then you probably keep a perfectly good working system. You just won’t get any updates.

And when you then consider that newer standards require more and more processor and hardware to work, it kinda makes sense that they can’t keep updating the older hardware and have it be compatible with the new hardware / controller.

Lots of companies get paralysed and are unable to move forward because they won’t let go of legacy kit. Maybe this is a good move as it will force us to replace old gear more regularly.

Sorry don’t buy that, seriously, how advanced are routers and access points really. How much of the changes delivered are in the firmware ? The vendors ought to give the dates between which the products will be supported then consumers can decide if they want it or not.

People in this forum are not the average consumer, they will simply use whatever the ISP provides or they can buy off amazon for cheap then act utterly surprised they are at risk.

As for standards these vendors frequently release products before the standard is even agreed. These vendors need to do a far better job, I have about 10 routers in a cupboard all out of support but they will still work with AC band only now is the AX band becoming available (though I have no device with AX).

Though I would also say in the UK these devices come generally with a one year guarantee (Asus has three) so I suppose the vendor only expects it to last one year, wouldn’t spend £300 on a router for one year !

Money for old rope … just more waste in the landfill

LOL rant over