Endpoint protection

Hey Guys

What sort of endpoint protection you guys are using on Linux / Windows clients and servers…?

I know Sophos and other proprietary vendors have the UTM and endpoint stuff…

Tom… just wonder what you suggest for home / SOHO setup…who can’t afford solarwind…?

endpoint client protection with pfsense…?

OSSEC…WAZUH… any comments…?

For small business that want to pinch pennies…

  1. no open ports on router
  2. dnsfilter.com
  3. emsisoft
  4. backups, offsite crashplan 120.00 a year per device
  5. End users training. <---- biggest threat!

For Windows machines wanting to use a free option, Windows Defender works as good if not better than any of the other free offerings.

For Linux systems, if you are only using the repositories than come with a major distro such a Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and not loading third party applications from lesser known places you are safe. OSSEC / WAZUH are good but due to their more complicated setups I would consider them a more advanced form of proection, but a good solution.

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I would suggest Spider Oak for smaller BU requirements it is zero knowledge of crypto keys as crashplan has access to your keys.