End Point Protection

Tom, I know you’re at best ambivalent about using firewall filtering for end point protection. Solar Winds is not available or practical for home users. Do you have any recommendations for products or services for home users with Windows and Linux machines, beyond MS Defender?

Windows defender is quite good and this is not needed for Linux.

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McAfee has a new-ish product that works with Defender for endpoint, they also have a Linux client if you feel you need this. Big thing is keep stuff patched! I could tell a story about this patching thing, but really shouldn’t.

At work I’m required to run an anti-virus software in addition to Defender, due to performance issues with other products, McAffee EPO (central management) and their clients is what I run. This product doesn’t get in the way of our video editing software, been on this for years now. Cost for our school is pretty reasonable and first level support has always been very responsive. We just switched vendors and I’m hoping support is still as good as the previous vendor. We are price driven, a single dollar cheaper wins a contract and support is never a factor in the buying process.