End of life support, UAP-AC-IW-PRO

Liked your YouTube video regarding EOL support for UniFi-Video Products, but they also announced EOL for the in wall UAP-AC-IW-PRO. I have five of these in my home since 2018 and will lose support next year.

So how about a video for these announcements and test some in wall replacements to UniFi since I am also not comfortable buying anything else from Ubiqiti. I still five other UniFi products and a cloud key in my home and the way it was explained is if I update the controller I will lose control of the five UAP-AC-IW-PRO’s and if i do not update well you know the security concerns there.

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I have the same issue with two of my access points. My plan is to wait until it is not supported then do one of two things.

If I am ready to replace when the controller quits supporting them, then I will at that time.

If I am not ready, I will just not update my controller. I am not concerned with the security at present as the controller is on my private network. If I find a major security flaw in something related to ap firmware I will simply replace at that time.

Lastly, I though there was a new version of the in wall ap?